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What is Eco Freeze?

Eco Freeze is modern food storage system. We buy fruit and vegetables and then deep-freeze them. We can also provide services to freeze products for external customers.

In addition, we will create an on-line store or products straight from farmers, for which you can pay with tokens.

The project responds to the real needs of the market and allows for overcoming barriers to its further development. At the same time, it combines the possibilities available on agri-food and warehouse market using blockchain technology.

See what we do!

Check out the potential benefits!

High discounts of up to 23% on online purchases in our store

Trade in products during the most scarce period

Up to 40% cheaper storage with the Eco Freeze token

Annual bonus at the level of 23% from the generated profit

Business model

Both producers (growers) and external customers (wholesalers) or even occasional investors can store products in Eco Freeze up to 40% cheaper. Depending on their business assumptions, they can take their products at a convenient time (e.g. during a high deficit period) or sell them through an on-line store. 

Token holders receive a 23% bonus on the generated profit, from the first stage of the investment through staking tokens. This bonus is paid out once a year based on the financial results that will be sent to all tokens by e-mail. Their verification is possible in the company managing the service of the hall and on-line store.

Resource-rich region

The investment is being built in an area that is extremely conducive to conducting this type of activity, rich in the cultivation of vegetables and fruit, deviating from the traditional model of majority grain cultivation.
Within a dozen years, numerous companies specialized in short-term storage, packaging and distribution of vegetables and fruit were established in the region. However, no one has appeared that would give them features that would extend their shelf-life by deep freezing by purchasing raw materials.

An exemplary simulation of income from investing in our token

Investment amount

Return on investment

Profit on investment

10000 zł


2300 zł

15000 zł


3450 zł

20000 zł


4600 zł

Investing in our token and keeping it on a special wallet (proof of stake) will make it the token will generate a passive income of 23% per annum. The tokens will be paid out as planned in the first quarter of 2022 after reaching the Soft Cap level. Reserve your tokens now!

An exemplary commercialization of an investment in Ecofreeze

Token EFR

The EFR token will be issued in accordance with the most popular ERC-20 standard.
The token's compatibility with third-party service wallets and exchanges ensures easy-to-use integration.

Sprzedaż już się rozpoczęła!
Soft cap: EUR 500 000
Hard cap: EUR 3 400 000
Token price: EUR 0.8
1 April 2021
Tokens for sale
5 220 000 EFR (90%)
1 January 2022
Accepted Payments
Minimum deposit amount
EUR 100

Token distribution

Use of funds

  • 75% - achievement of objectives
  • 15% - marketing and advertising
  • 5% - company and team
  • 5% - other operating expenses

Why is it worth investing in Eco Freeze?

Strategic location of the warehouse base

A margin of up to 200-300%

High rate of return = high return on investment

Services and products on a priority basis

Cost per day of freezing of 10 000 MT = 3355.52 EUR

Pay with a our token = Pay less

International customers and distribution network

Security and transparency of transactions

Road Map


March 2020

Beginning of initial work on a working business plan for the venture.

July 2020

Creation of a project concept in terms of tokenization. ICO development, legal consultations, preparation of documentation.

September 2020

Beginning of IT work, preparation of project design and marketing strategy.


January 2021

Establishment of a company to implement the project - ECO FREEZE SOLUTION OÜ.

February 2021

The launch of the project promotion and the first token subscriptions.

April 2021

Planned ICO launch.

Q3-Q4 2021

Execution of investment assumptions of the first stage of the project. Launch of the warehouse and commencement of on-line product sales.


Q1 2022

Commencement of work on the implementation of phase II to introduce the freezing function.

Q3-Q4 2022

Completion of investment works and achievement of all business objectives.


The people behind the project

Jerzy Gorzałczany

Graduate of a vocational mining school. His education provided him with specialist knowledge on mechanical engineering. Has been active on the construction services market and in agri-food production since 1988. He is also involved in international trade in vegetables and fruit.

Artur Pawelec

Warehouse manager. Associated with the company for years. He supervises the efficient functioning of the warehouse, organizes and coordinates the work of the personnel. Is responsible for optimizing the flow of goods and is in charge of the correct circulation of documentation. Specializes in optimizing the use of warehouse space.

Stanisław Zaniuk

Head of commodity purchase from farmers. Deals regularly with a wide range of agricultural entrepreneurs and farmers. Has a base of contacts and will support the customer acquisition process. Will provide access to goods of high quality at favourable prices.


Just click "reserve tokens" and fill in the contact form with your name, email address and the number of tokens you want to reserve.

EFR tokens are based on the ERC20 standard used by the Ethereum network. You only need to have a wallet that supports this standard to manage your tokens.

For this purpose, we suggest one of the most popular solutions, which is MetaMask.

The EFR utility token gives you the opportunity to use all services and products on better terms than for other customers. The EFR token allows you to make payments for storage services or purchases through our shop. It also gives the opportunity to make reservations on a priority basis. You can also retain tokens and receive an annual bonus.

Each Tokenholder should account for the profits earned by owning tokens on their own and in accordance with the laws applicable in their country.

The annual bonus for holding EFR tokens, will be paid in Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH) in the first quarter of each calendar year.

To receive the bonus, you must send the purchased number of tokens to a special wallet address that will be available to tokens after prior verification and filling out a short form. The bonus is available to all users who deposit EFR tokens at the address provided and will keep them there for a period of 1 year. 


Eco Freeze Solution OÜ Väike-Paala 2, Tallinn, Eesti 11415